ALPHA provides state-of-the-art engineering and investigative services that ensure practical, economical and comprehensive solutions, specifically tailored to individual client needs.

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Geotechnical and Civil Engineering

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

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Slope Stability

Development Plans

Development Plans

Why Choose Us?

For more than 25 years Alpha Engineering has provided professional services of high quality and expeditious delivery at an appropriate economic value to its clients. From our early years as an asbestos testing firm we quickly expanded into a full-service (engineering geotechnical investigative and solution consulting) firm serving clients throughout the southeast, and across many midwest states. We continue to advance our experience and methodology in data acquisition and completion of surveys servicing large scale utility solar development, large and small apartment complexes, slope stability and failure analysis, residential environmental testing, and commercial property development. Alpha Engineering has proven why it has become a highly sought engineering solutions firm.

Over 25 Years Experience

We have the knowledge, training and experience to get things done right.

Invested in Your Success

We’re not a typical engineering firm. We want to partner with you.

Personalized Service

We’re committed to providing you the best service for your individual needs.

Alpha Engineering Personnel are Certified Professionals in all aspects of Engineering Studies.


  • Professional Engineers (PE)
  • Professional Geologists (PG)
  • Environmental Professionals (NREP)
  • Certified Wetland Delineators (USACOE Approved)
  • Certified Forestry/Land Planners
  • Trained/Certified Field Engineers & Technicians

Partnered with Alpha Environmental

Alpha Environmental personnel receive internal training on how to prepare and present reports, applications and support documents necessary to receive timely determinations from the appropriate regulatory agency.

Whether it’s working with the regional or area United States Army Corp of Engineers, a state water quality agency, or a local soil and water conservation agency, we take pride in representing ourselves and our clients in a manner that helps to keep projects from becoming burdened with unnecessary oversight. Our work ethics and interaction practices with agency personnel ensures questions can be quickly addressed and plan changes are made with the projects best interest kept in the forefront.


Partners and Accreditations


Contact us today and tell us about your needs. We’re happy to work together and tailor a plan specifically for you!